Tips for installing UIView32

Tips on installing UIView32 properly on Windows 7/8/10

In short
Install UIView32 software in a folder other then C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\ folder.
I created a folder D:\HAM\UIView32 and installed the UIView32 software there.

With regard to PA7RHM software : the current advice is to install the software outside of the Windows Protected Folders.
I suggest D:\HAM\PA7RHM\

Protected Folders

With Windows 7 (and Windows Vista) the Program Files folder is a socalled 'Protected Folder'.
This menas that this is a place to install software.
After installation this folder is considered 'readonly' : no changing or adding of files is allowed.

All configuration files are to be located in the socalled AppData folder structure.
An example is the .INI file that holds the user's preferences.

PA7RHM software and Windows 7

At this moment changes are being made to PA7RHM software so that all configuration files are saved to the AppData folder.
This process has not been completed yet.

Moving UIView32 to another folder

1) Copy the UIView32 folder to a safe place
2) Uninstall UIView32
3) Install UIView32 to the new location
4) copy the saved folder over this location : now your license and all previous customizations are restored in the new UIView program location.