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Now you can locate that 'fox' within seconds and share it's location with all other APRS users.
It takes only 1 UI-View32 user to operate this software while the whole APRS community can benefit.
For example using a THD7 simply add the bearing string to your beacon comment; let the DFPlot
operator know you have a bearing so you can be added to one of the 3 callsigns.
The 'letting the DFPlot operator know' part can be done by sending an APRS message to the operator.

Serge VE2HLS has been testing DF-Plot for use in Montreal:

And he requested that 5 Callsigns (bearing can be processed simultaneous. After some testing

the next version of DF-Plot is created



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The UI_TWP server  is an UI-View32 add-on which listens to queries and responds with messages and  or APRS objects.
TWP or TinyWebPages was invented by Bob Bruninga . 
 Anybody in the local area of a TWP server can obtain local information.
This implementation of TWP is optimized for ease of use. To trigger the UI_TWP server send a dummy command to callsign QDOS or QUERY, The TWP server(s) in your area will announce themselves.
The messages sent by UI_TWP are short enough to fit in the THD7 handheld.


You do not know about any TWP server, so you sent the command '?' to callsign QDOS (or callsign QUERY) . The command itself is not important but it can not be empty so put a question mark there.

In my area this will result in:

Message received from PD2BS-1 , received "Send ?? to PD2BS-1"
Message received from PD0RHM , received "Send ?? to PD0RHM"

also an  object TWP<callsign of TWP server> is created in this case 2 objects TWPPD2BS  and TWPPD0RHM

Now you know can see which one is closest to you and you can ask a list of information topics available (this is done by sending the '??' command to the TWP server

The TWP server then gives you a list of available topics : " ?POL?HOS?2RPTR?TRAIN" 

you then can choose the topic and ask the TWP server about it by send "?HOS" , now the information about the local hospital is sent to you, if defined at the TWP server , an object HOS is created to give you directions.


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This program creates UIView maps using the Mapblast ( site. 


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This UI-View32 add-on sounds an alarm when stations are within a certain range.

VicinityAlarm plots range and stations on the UIView32 Map.


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This UI-View32 mapserver is based on the principle of MapTool; getting UIView map images from the internet (MapBlast)

The mapserver facility is a standard technology of UIView32, based on user input (Pan, Zoom, enlarge) or UIView32 actions like the tracking of objects a request is send from UIView32 to the mapserver which is then responding by providing UIView32 with a best fitting map for the required latitude and longitude.

This mapserver can also store maps it retrieved from internet on your harddisk so your collection of maps grows while you have the mapserver running.



APRS Email server

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APRS BeaconEditor

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This program was made for a friend who's building a 40 feet wooden sailing yacht.

This person really knows a lot about shipbuilding, and had made his own calculations quite well.
but I was on sick-leave and wanted something to do so...
Now I have a program that does a hydrostatic stability calculation with free trim .

What you see below is a freeze frame of another yacht at a heeling angle of 120 degrees.
For a full calculation the hull is rotated 180 degrees (topside down)
If you look carefully you can see that a negative trim-angle means forward-trim






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UIView StationList , displays:

Example below is station PA7RHM-7 sending Emergency beacon. the station is marked by red circle on the map, it's QSY frequency (in column QSY) is transferred to DXLab-Commander , which sets the radio to the QSY frequency. (2 mouse clicks!! )

This is the same with Ham Radio Deluxe

This shows the Emergency popup window when an emergency beacon is received

this shows the detail window

This shows how PHG data is displayed on the details window



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PA7RHM Updater
It is recommended to use the PA7RHM Updater to install all other software.

here are some screenshots

The Configuration screen  to set the different options

The option to prompt before checking:

This tells you that PA7RHM Updater did check for updates, in this case there are no updates

The installer is a part of the PA7RHM Updater that does the actual installing of software.



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This program helps you manage your XTR files, make XTR active/inactive, delete, create new, view and edit. A folder 'savedxtr' is created in the UIView32 folder to store all inactive XTR files.

It starts with creating a folder named 'savedxtr' in the UIView32 folder, this folder is used to move XTR files that you do not want to be active for the moment (cleans up the UIView32 File menu)

Should a path to the add-on program be invalid then it is colored in red.

First click on the line containing the XTR you want to configure, then select an option with the RMB (Right Mouse Button)


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This program checks for new emails at a pop server.
What makes it different from all others is that it keeps alerting the user ( so not once but untill all mail is read )


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This program configures the DARES Winlink setup on your PC


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This program let's you administer the lending out of items.